Vincent Rugemintwaza is 49 years old and lives in rural Rwanda. He loosed the sight at 17 years old due to illness.

Vincent Rugemintwaza is 49years old and lives in rural Rwanda. He loosed the sight  at 17years old due to illness. He was never received rehabilitation training and his family considered him as big burden but they managed to do everything for him without any participation. Vincent was missing out on self confidence and community life participation-his prospects were not good. But then he joined Masaka Resource Centre for the Blind (MRCB) where he received six month rehabilitation training with the help of experienced trainers. He is now applying the knowledge and skills he got from MRCB. Vincent has now his own quarry and employs six other people to dig up and cut stones which he sells to builders. Vincent became able to pay school fees for his first born and to solve other household problems. He is also among the tax payers. Vincent is lucky-MRCB is a unique rehabilitation centre for the Blind in Rwanda and the demand is very high. There is still much more to do to improve access to rehabilitation services for blind and visually impaired people .

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