The International White Cane day 2018

The Rwanda union of the blind members (Youth) joined other youth without disabilities in Muhima sector to celebrate the youth day which was an occasion to highlight the capabilities and achievements of youth with visual impairment in Rwanda.

Let bygones be bygones on labelling the visually impaired people as people who cannot do anything in the society, say the RUB young people who are visually challenged as they joined others to celebrate the World Youth Day over on the 11th August 2018. The able young men and women also participated in the community work commonly known as Umuganda where they cleared the ditches and cleaned the road in Nyarurembo village of the Akamahoro cell, Muhima sector of the Nyarugenge district in Kigali city.

Young youth with visual impairment in Umuganda
Executive Secretary of Amahoro Cell between two young men with visual impairment during umuganda


Besides, for their own initiative, they also donated cash to pay for health insurance for 50 people who are poor, a sign that the visually impaired people can, not only help themselves but also contribute to the betterment of the society.
Dr Patrick Suubi (right) handing an envelope of money to the vice mayor social affairs (right) of Nyarugenge district

“Despite the fact that our young men and women are disabled, they brought together Rwf 150000 to pay for the health insurance of 50 people in this cell. This further cements the fact that disability is not inability. They can help others as well,” said Dr Patrick Suubi, the Rwanda Union of the Blind (RUB) president.

Alice Rwakayiro, one of the beneficiaries on the health insurance donation said she was surprised by the deed.

“It is a very heart-warming act to find that the visually impaired people can do what other people with all means cannot do sometimes. I really thank them because I can now be able to afford the health insurance for me and my kids,” the smiling Rwakayiro said.

The young men and women at the Rwanda Union of the blind believe that they are as mentally and physically able as any other young Rwandans. Said Safari William;  RUB youth representative


“For instance we participated with others in Umuganda and we are as mentally and physically strong as anyone else. The fact that we are visually impaired does not mean we are unable,” said William Safari, president of youth committee at RUB.

The vice mayor in charge of social welfare at Nyarugenge district JMV Ndayisenga hailed the activity of the youth from Rwanda union of the Blind.

“Helping others is not a matter of being very rich, it’s about being kind-hearted and that’s why we thank these young men and women today,” Ndayisenga said.

The occasion was graced with different speeches, songs of youth with visual impairment and participation in the community work.

World youth day is usually celebrated on August 2 but Rwanda chose to mark it on August 11. At Akamahoro cell, the gathering as people celebrated this day was entertained by endowed young men who are visually impaired but skilled with strumming the guitar.

RUB youth members posing for a photo after the celebration

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