RUB changing lives of Persons with visual impairment in Nyamirama sector-Kayonza district.

Within the journey to accomplish its mission of working towards the improvement of the life condition of blind people to facilitate them to live a meaningful life and to gain integration and equality in society, RUB on the 26th of April 2018, issued 10 goats, 16 whitecanes and 2 knitting machines to its members operating in Nyamirama sector Kayonza district-eastern province of Rwanda.

2knitting machines as support from DAB. Other donations included 16 white canes, part of the GIZ donation to RUB and 10 goats bought through kind donations from members of the Danish Association of the Blind. These donations unable RUB to support its members of Duharanirekubaho branch operating in Nyamirama sector in Kayonza district.

Donatilla Kanimba; Executive Director of RUB who was representing the organization in the event, said that these white canes given to branch members will enable them to move freely and independently and detect obstacles in their way while going for branch activities and other community functions and these goats and machines will enhance their family’s development and gain money for years to come.

She added that the knitting machines given to the branch members  will serve as teaching tools for those who received the training on knitting with which that RUB expect them to teach other branch members. “This two machines given to them will help the branch members to expand their activities and increase income as they will serve them in making cloths to be sold and earn money. We hope to see their life condition changing due to these 3 kind of donations’’.  Kanimba added

RUB ED (left) and VM in charge of social affairs (right) of kayonza district handing out white cane

The vice mayor in charge of social affairs who was representing kayonza district in the then event, thanked both RUB and its partners for the support provided to some of their population. He said that the support will enhance the development of the branch members and increase their visibility and participation in the community.

Persons with visual impairment who received the support were delighted and confirm that it is going to impact their lives in a very positive way.When visual impairment struck her at 16,Uwajeneza Francine, without a sense of sight, thought her life would be ruined and dreams shattered forever. “I got ill and became totally visually impaired when I was 16. That time I felt hopeless and could hardly imagine how my future would be. I thought I was going to be a burden to my family which was also poor but after joining RUB branch my life revived and I believe that am going to make another step with today’s support,” she says.

Uwajeneza who received the white cane and goat

Uwajeneza who received the white cane and goat said “my today is bright. This cane will be helping me to go everywhere I need,  such as to church, to attend the branch meeting, to the well to fetch water etc. it comes to make me independent and  I believe that this goat will provide me with manure and money in few years to come to change my life for a better future.According to Ms Donatilla Kanimba; RUB executive Director, much as the government has done a lot to support people with visual impairment, RUB still faces challenges of relying on donors  and sometimes run short of means to do more to support its members.RUB truly appreciate the support of DAB, Denmark well wishers and GIZ who unable it to make the action’. They helped the organization to continue its crucial work of changing the lives of persons with visual impairment in Rwanda.



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