The project” Strengthening RUB at National and branch levels “comes to consolidate and enhance gains made in the earlier projects supported by MYRIGHT .

RUB  is the only organization of  persons with visual impairment in Rwanda today. It is the aim of RUB to be available for all persons with visual impairment throughout the country. RUB aims to do this through outreach work by establishing local associations/branches throughout the country. RUB has been establishing and strengthening branches throughout the country, since 2003.

On the support of MYRIGHT, the envisaged new project, Strengthening RUB at branch level that will be operating in 9 districts aims to establish 6 branches in the remaining 3 districts: Muhanga, Nyanza and Rwamagana and to strengthen the ten branches already established in two earlier projects. This will help RUB members to gain the ability and confidence to participate in social and economic life at national and community level and to benefit more fully from the government program of mainstreaming disability.

 The project program shall include: establishment of 6 new branches over the first two years and strengthening them in the second half of the project period by providing the appropriate training.

The project will work to strengthen ten already established branches between 2011 and 2016, through higher level training and regular follow-up and monitoring. The project will  also support the rehabilitation of Persons with Visual Impairment (PWVI) at the Masaka Resource Centre for the Blind (MRCB) and to carry out follow up visits after the training.

Sensitization and training of local government authorities shall be carried out to support our efforts towards inclusion of persons with visual impairment. The project aims at reaching 400 people with visual impairment in the 9 district of Rwanda.

The project aims to work towards increased organizational capacity of RUB and participation of Persons with Visual Impairment (PWVI) in social and economic activities in 9 districts (Nyanza, Muhanga, Rwamagana, Nyaruguru, Gicumbi, Kayonza, Kirehe,Nyagatare and Rutsiro).