Since its establishment, most of RUB’s activities are based on advocacy work which aims at supporting Rwandan people with visual impairment in a wide range of situations, including cases where people have been denied their rights to education, to work, to live independently, to access a good standard of healthcare and to enjoy participating in family and community life.

RUB utilizes fundraising strategies, advocacy and lobbying, capacity development and other various strategic mechanisms in order to promote access to necessary services and inclusion for persons with visual impairment and improve the legal and institutional framework in Rwanda.

It is against this background that, in June 2017, the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) in partnership with UNDP has given support to RUB towards a project to enhance the access to services, participation and inclusion of women with visual impairment in Rwanda. The project is entitled “Engendering the Visually Impaired Women in Rwanda into social services” and  it is intervening in 5 districts of the country ( Ruhango, Gisagara, Nyamagabe, Karongi &Rubavu)

The project has among other objectives; to develop a more inclusive and supportive environment for women with visual impairment in Rwanda, through advocating for the inclusion in National development Policies.